David R. Carranza

Growing The Economy and Community

Career Highlights

Currently, David is the Economic Development Director for the City Of Grandview, Missouri.

David brings decades of experience to this growing community.

His responsibilities include building relationships with existing businesses while aggressively promoting the City to attract new businesses.

David was brought in to help resolve the challenges of growing businesses in a border town. He successful created alliances between Douglas and Mexico business leaders. A master networker and leader, David helped strengthen the community and business culture while bringing new business opportunities to the city.

While serving as the Douglas’ Economic Development Director, David completed his studies through the University of Oklahoma Economic Development Institute, further expanding his knowledge of how to help communities grow economically.

From 2015 to 2016, David served as Economic Development Director for the City of South Tucson, Arizona. While there he directed and developed all aspects of economic development: organizing, monitoring and evaluating key economic plans for the City.

With his Business Acumen and entrepreneurial experience David created a Visionary commercial plan that has won support from the business community and brought praise from the Mayor and Council. He also increased the efforts of marketing and public relations by representing the City at economic development boards and committees.

As the Owner / Operator of a local Sign-A-Rama sign and print company, David directed all aspects of business:

Human Resources, Marketing, Budgeting, Sales, Design, Installation and Client Development.

Utilizing his entrepreneurial skills, David was able to generate revenue, scale the business and gain loyalty from his clients. With his leadership skills, David and his team produced creative copywriting, managed sales reports, ordered for “just in time inventory” and answered questions on jobs for customers.

For twelve years, David served as Circulation Marketing Manager for Tucson Newspapers. He was in charge of over 200 contractors, 30 employees, and budget of over $10 million including an expense budget of over $2 million. David was responsible for sales generation of newspapers and marketing of products to yield increased sales in a very volatile industry. He oversaw budgeting using daily flash reports, sales projections, sales training, customer programs, sales contests and employee reviews.

Another success was the EXTRA! card. As the Card Manager / Customer Service Manager David was in charge of over 250 advertising and circulation employees. Marketed and sold the Nationally recognized and awarded EXTRA! Card Program. He created the EXTRA! credit card and facilitated the registration of all Trade Marks. David spearheaded training and implemented a company-wide Customer Service program to improve customer service efficiency to 100%.